TAISUKE KOYAMA Seven Melting Rainbows
TAISUKE KOYAMA Seven Melting Rainbows
TAISUKE KOYAMA Seven Melting Rainbows

TAISUKE KOYAMA Seven Melting Rainbows

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7 Archival Pigment Prints:

Untitled (Melting Rainbows 022)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 034)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 042)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 061)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 080)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 095)
Untitled (Melting Rainbows 105)

21 x 29.7 cm
Limited edition
Handmade cardboard box
Publication date: November 2018 
Images © Taisuke Koyama


Seven Melting Rainbows is a limited edition box with of 7 high quality unique prints on archival pigment prints, from the series Melting Rainbows (2010) by Taisuke Koyama. This publication was premiered on the occasion of Paris Photo 2018, where Koyama presented the site specific exhibition Waves and Particles, an installation and combination of his most recent series reflecting on the light and color behavior in natural phenomenons and digital environments. Koyama started his personal exploration of digitized photographic media, creating some artificial rainbows models, entitled Rainbow Form and made by capturing close-up shots of rainbow-colored advertisement posters located on some vending machines in Tokyo. To realize the Melting Rainbows series, Koyama exposed the original prints of Rainbow Form to atmospheric agents on his own balcony and then re-photographed them, showing how the colorful image structure had transformed.


Taisuke Koyama (1978, Tokyo) lives and works in Tokyo.
Graduated in biology at the college school in Tokyo, he works with photography since 2003. He has exhibited in solo shows at Seen Fifteen, London (2018); Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London (2016); Sunday Gallery, Zurich (2015); METRONOM (2013); Hasselblad Japan Gallery, Tokyo (2013); G / P Gallery, Tokyo; Kyoto Art Center (2012); Gallery 9.5, Kyoto (2011); Museum of Contemporary Art (Foyer), Tokyo (2010); Spiral Garden, Tokyo (2009); Gallery Rocket, Tokyo (2008); No.12 Gallery Tokyo (2007). He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions such as Illumintaing Graphics, Creation Gallery G8, Tokyo (2019); # 005 PHOTO PLAYGROUND, Ginza Sony Park, Tokyo (2019); Seen Without a Seer | Radical Reversibility, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (2018); ANTOLOGIA, Metronom, Modena; The King and I, Palazzo Reale, Milan (2017). He obtained a residency at Setouchi Triennale in Shodoshima JP (2013) and won the prize of the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo (2012). In 2018 he took part in in Paris Photo with the show Waves and Particles and in Seoul Photo Festival.