The title of the exhibition, curated by Marcella Manni, is inspired by Geoff Dyer's book Otherwise Known as the Human Condition. Selected Essays and Reviews, a collection of essays which was published in Italian by Einaudi under the title Il sesso nelle camere d'albergo.

The exhibition includes artworks by different artists: Bruno Cattani brings out the forms of the body through the photography of statuary artworks, seeking a sublimated beauty; Kamilia Kard restores the primitive yet sensual value of woman body, in contrast to the contemporary representation of the female form; Lisa Kereszi documents the magnetism and seductive elegance of New Burlesque performances for six years, providing a narrative of fantasy and freedom; Marco Signorini uses images instead of letters to play with anagrams, digitally combining parts of naked bodies and creating new languages; Attilio Solzi intertwines words and performances in somewhat that reveals itself to be an inner research, where tattooed, naked or semi-naked, bodies interact with places covered in graffiti.
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