Generazione Critica is an online magazine dedicated to contemporary art. Generazione Critica also hosts a series of interview with artists and curatore: Taisuke Koyama was invited to take part to the programming of interview together with the Art curator Duncan Wooldridge. Here below is possible to read an excerpts. 

"Since childhood, my interest has been in the details. Perhaps it is also because I was learning about the natural environment (for example, focusing on a specific species in the forest). I was obsessed with the abstract image that formed by the stains and scratches on the wall.

There have been several stages of development, in terms of the depth of abstraction in my work. It was not premised upon expression, of setting a visual goal, but it stems from how I focused on a process of image making which uses the parameters of transformation that an image allows, and searching for the images contingency, programming and randomness."


It is possible to find the complete interview at the following link: generazionecritica.it/interview

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