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Martina della Valle's Time Dust and the POST-IT book limited editions are available for sale, on request or directly in Metronom space. 

The POST-IT book is a limited edition developed from a series of picture details of a photography volume's pages on which a mysterious author has intervened by covering with yellow post-its all the naked bodies. Martina della Valle, returning from a trip to Milan, found that book on the Milan-Malpensa bus, lost or voluntarily abandoned by an unknown traveler. The chance of meeting with the publication in a place where people walk, get up, get down, travel usually without leaving a sign, the trace of the meticulous work of an unknown reader, have generated a reflection on the subjective interpretation of an image. Who left the book on the bus? Was it lost or deliberately abandoned? Who buys a book on contemporary photography to meticulously censor all images depicting a naked body? The project was presented on the occasion of Martina della Valle’s residency at Italian Institute of Culture in Paris in 2014, in collaboration with Mois de la Photo.

The Post-It Book
Edit and Designed by Martina della Valle
14,8 x 21cm
Photo edition with poster
Edition of 50
English / Italian
Publication date: April 2014
€150.00 / £130.00 / $185.00

 In the series Time Dust, Martina della Valle is inspired by the relief of a family archive consists of materials and objects for its pottery. The maternal grandfather was a ceramicist with his own workshop, today in disuse but unaltered in its memory of time. In his studio she has collected and preserved drawings, molds, figurines and pottery of its production, now covered with dust. Martina Della Valle’s photographic operation highlights how, in objects that become the “ruin” of a time, other strengths and other forms grow in spite of the objects themselves, giving rise to new meanings. The artist realized a limited edition folder, containing 22 pages, with a unique pouncing drawing on cardboard and an essay by the curator Marinella Paderni.

Time Dust
Critic text by Marinella Paderni
Edit and Designed by Martina della Valle
11 x 23 cm
22 pages, with one pouncing drawing on cardboard
Edition of 10
Numbered and signed
Publication date: April 2011
€150.00 / £130.00 / $185.00

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Martina della Valle, The POST-IT book cover 


Martina della Valle, Time Dust cover



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