DIGITAL VIDEO WALL is the screening program organized by Metronom where to show the most recent expression of video art and digital art, featuring international artisti. The peculiar position of the Digital Video Wall, which allows 24/7 view from the street, transforms it into a privileged exhibition space. The screening constitutes an urban intervention, a showcase that also becomes a way to redesign and change the image of the street, through its contents.

Metamorphosis is the theme chosen for the fifth edition of the Digital Video Wall, which focuses on the visual and conceptual investigation carried out by several artists at the intersection of artificial intelligence, bots, algorithms, virtual and gaming environments. The series unfolds across multiple thematic threads, exploring how the new frontiers of technology shape human dynamics and how they constantly redefine our relationship with machines and technology.
The artists are invited to present their personal interpretation of the theme and to occupy Metronom’s video wall for a month each. As part of the programming, each intervention will be followed by a series of events in the form of conversations, thematic focuses and interviews that explore the authors' research on

Cover image: MØRNING STUDIO, Ø, installation view, Metronom, Modena IT ©


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